She was truly a favorite at our 28th Mariposa Storytelling Festival. Artistic Director, Mariposa Storytelling Festival

Anne's rapport and presence shine on the main-stage and in auxiliary festival events. Her storytelling makes people laugh, inspires and invigorates her audiences. She involves people through song and action in performances she describes as "Introvert-safe and extrovert friendly!" Anne is a flexible, collaborative member of a Festival line-up. 

What a delight you were at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival!  Your variety of stories was wonderful. Artistic Director, CT Storytelling Festival



Well designed workshop with great participation from audience. We were constantly engaged and involved. Excellent. Participant, Rock Your Storytelling, 2015 


Rock Your Storytelling Learn easy, fun ways to use songs in your stories. No instruments required! New through Seasoned Tellers.

Storytelling & Memory Loss: For Caregivers

Explore ways to use storytelling to connect with and stimulate loved ones dealing with memory loss. New through Seasoned Tellers


Jump-Start Your Stories Experiment with quick ways to cut to the chase and deliver new (or long-term) stories with fresh impact. New  —  Seasoned Tellers.

Anne also performs and leads workshop with her husband, Norm Brecke as Anne & Norm, Storytellers.

Telling Type: Ilustrating Enneagram Types through Story

Great workshop. Exciting ideas. I wanted to go home right away and work on new stories. Participant,Jump-Start Your Storytelling, 2011



We  are so appreciative for the skills you've helped our kids gain, and the confidence you've given them. Teacher, McKinney Elementary 2017


Build Public Speaking Skills  Students build public speaking skills through storytelling and learning games reinforce eye contact, voice: pacing, gesture, and use of notes. Grades 3-5.

Writing with Character

tudents create an original character and draft a story using writing templates developed by Anne. Teachers can adapt the kinesthetic and aural learning strategies Anne models for their own continued use. Focus: imaginative, historical, or memoir. Grades 3-5



Anne has interactive shows for elementary school age students on many themes, with folktale, historical and personal story content. She is also happy to work with you on developing content for a theme that fits your curriculum.

Everyone loved your assembly. The teachers thanked me for bringing you in! Librarian, Chapman Elementary, 2008

Anne is a teaching artist in the schools with Young Audiences of Oregon & SW WA, and as an independent contractor.  She also performs assemblies with her husband Norm Brecke as Anne & Norm, Storytellers.

As soon as you start talking, I get a picture in my mind. Student, Metropolitan Learning Center, 2001


CLEMENTINE RYDER...Anne's alter-ego, who tells tall tales of Wild West Adventure.



Anne plays everyone from Alice, The Hatter to the Red Queen in  Lewis Carroll's classic tale.

I" forgot there was just one person on stage!"__Audience Member, Alice 2015 Premiere


ANNE & NORM, STORYTELLERS Anne often performs and leads workshops  as a storytelling duo with her husband, Norm Brecke.


MUSIC & SONG enliven Anne's storytelling performances, be it mandolin, voice or kazoo.


GHOST STORIES Anne's bone-chilling stories thrill audiences who want to be scared.


AWARD WINNING LIES Anne's got them, and audiences love hearing them! Above,  Anne and fellow winning liar Ingrid Nixon avoid paparazzi. NW Folklife Festival 2015 Photo: Kevin Clement.