28 Dec 2pm & 4pm

Yuletide Follies -- Anne & Norm, Storytellers

House Concert, Portland OR 

14 Mar

House concert with Norm Brecke & Pat Peterson.

Privately Hosted Event in Port Angeles WA. Email here for details.

20 Mar 4pm & 7 pm

World Storytelling Day Shows

House Concerts,  Portland OR.

SOLD OUT Email here to get on waiting list.

1 Aug  Time TBA

Liar's Contest, Portland OR

Anne & Norm celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary by hosting a liar's contest. Stay tuned for details!



Mariposa Storytelling Festival

March 2015

Stories on Tap (Open Mic)
Norm Brecke, Co-Host
30 Jan   Thin Ice
27 Feb   Guilty Pleasure
27 Mar   Lucky Break
24 Apr   Rain Check
29 May  Down the Drain
26 June  Not Your Cup of Tea
31 July   Bright Idea
28 Aug   Topsy Turvy
25 Sept   In a Nutshell
30 Oct   Skeleton in Your Closet
20 Nov   Cold Turkey
18 Dec   Oh, Fudge!
Contact Anne: (503) 830-2398