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DATES 2019 

Dates in Red are Anne & Norm, Storytellers

3-7 Sept 

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival UT

21 Sept 

Personally on Tap PDX

3-7 Sept 

Cave Run Storytelling Festival KY


24-27 Oct 

Ojai Storytelling Festival CA

02 Nov 

The Menace Among Us PDX

04-08 Nov 

Writing Residency OR

28 Dec 

Yuletide Follies PDX


14-16 Feb 

St. Simon's Island  Festival GA

22-23 Feb 

ARK Storytelling Festival  MI

27 Feb - 10 Mar 

Public Speaking Residency OR


14 Mar 

House Concert WA

20 Mar 

World StoryTelling Day Show PDX

23-25 Mar 

Grace Art Spring Break Camp OR

3-6 Apr 

School Tour, Northern CA

4-25 Apr 

Kansas Storytelling Festival GA

22-25 May 

NW Folklife Festival  WA

13-18 July 

How Great Thou Art Camp OR


28-31 Jan

Florida Storytelling Festival  FL


Mariposa Storytelling Festival

March 2015

Stories on Tap (Open Mic)
Norm Brecke, Co-Host
7-9 pm 13 Virtues Brewing
29 Jan   Now is the Winter of Our Discontent
26 Feb   Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them
25 Mar  Wherefore Art Thou?
29 Apr   Much Ado About Nothing
27 May  To Be, Or Not To Be
24 June  Midsummer Madness
29 July   Suffer a Sea Change
26 Aug   Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of
30 Sept  To Thine Own Self Be True
28 Oct    It Was Greek to Me
18 Nov   What's in a Name?
30 Dec   All That Glitters Is Not Gold