DATES 2019 

Dates in Red are Anne & Norm, Storytellers


14-16 Feb 

St. Simon's Island  Festival GA

22-23 Feb 

ARK Storytelling Festival  MI

27 Feb - 10 Mar 

Public Speaking Residency OR


25 April

Family Storytelling Festival  (Online)


02 May

FB Live Take Me Out to the Ballgame Sing-Along

click link to watch video of event

21 May

Better Said Than Done (Zoom)

2 June

Music & Story Showcase,

NSN Virtual Conference


12 June

Pearl's Pearls (Zoom)

23 June

Using My Power for Good

PechaKuchaPDX  (Virtual)

30 June

Creating During Covid 

TBD Storytellers

15 August 

3 Liar's & A Mic

Late Summer Workshop:

Igniting Our Hearts

Subscription Series 

Anne & Norm LIVE

from the Backstage Studio

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26 July

Summer Fare

8 August

Road Trip

27 September

Harvest Moon

10 October


29 November

Belly Laughs 

27 December

Yuletide Follies


28-31 Jan

Florida Storytelling Festival  FL

13 Feb

Living Room Live

4-25 Apr 

Kansas Storytelling Festival GA

Stories on Tap (Open Mic)
Norm Brecke, Co-Host
7-9 pm 13 Virtues Brewing
29 Jan   Now is the Winter of Our Discontent
26 Feb   Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them
Online from here until further notice
29 Apr  Wherefore Art Thou?
13 May   Much Ado About Nothing
27 May  To Be, Or Not To Be
24 June  Midsummer Madness
29 July   Suffer a Sea Change
26 Aug   Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of
30 Sept  To Thine Own Self Be True
28 Oct    It Was Greek to Me
18 Nov   What's in a Name?
30 Dec   All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Contact Anne: (503) 830-2398