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Award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford delights audiences nationwide with funny, touching performances that include tales of personal adventure, Pacific Northwest folklore and prize-winning lies. Her singing and mandolin playing add to the fun, along with vivid vocal and physical characterizations such as her original Wild West alter-ego, the adventurous Clementine Ryder.


A featured teller at the 2018 National Storytelling Festival, Anne has also twice been a Teller in Residence at the International Storytelling Center. Rutherford’s CD, The Habit of Joy, is a Storytelling World award winner. However, she is also five-time first place winner of the Northwest Folklife Liar’s Contest — so don’t believe everything she tells you.

Rutherford performs and leads workshops across the country, often in with her husband Norm Brecke as Anne & Norm: Storytellers. Besides telling in festivals, Anne enjoys working as a teaching artist in schools, telling at libraries, and devising new stories. Treat your audience to Anne’s storytelling — contact her at  (503) 830-2398 / 

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